About Rafi Securities

Rafi Securities (Pvt) Ltd is one of the leading brokerage houses in Pakistan with over Thirty years experience in the brokerage industry. Throughout that time, Rafi Securities (Pvt) Ltd has maintained a reputation for competence and integrity in serving its high net worth individual and institutional clients. The unique talent of the company is the application of creativity in providing better guidance to the clients regarding to the investment in the Capital market. This creativity is derived from a combination of education, vast experience of Stock Market, experienced professionals with a clean compliance record, financial responsibility and credible research department. Rafi Securities (Pvt) Ltd is leading Stock Brokerage House with a distinct and marvelous track record of fair trading. Its diversified business portfolio is specifically aimed towards providing total solution oriented investment platform blended with vast enriched experience, trust, integrity, risk diversification and credibility Rafi Securities (Pvt) Ltd provides high net worth individual as well as institutional investors their link to the financial markets by employing Equity Traders who carries out the investor’s order to buy or sell securities. Rafi Securities (Pvt) Ltd provides an increasing range of financial services, including financial planning, and educational programs to give basic know- how to the clients who are interested to invest their capital in Stock Market. We are dedicated to providing the best service available in the industry today and to provide its clients with the tools that can assist them in becoming more successful in their stock trading. We provide intra-day market quotes, closing rates, daily, weekly, and monthly charts, essential technical information, market news, position, Trading advices, daily economic calendar, and much more to the valuable clients


To create unmatched goodwill and credibility synonymous with quality, competitiveness, reliability, fairness and transparency among investors through higher returns oriented investment pathways.


Client’s prosperity is our priority. Our results turn visions into reality. We believe in professionalism with tinge of high ethical standards. For our company, growth is vital to our ability to provide clients with our entire portfolio of top management consulting services.

Equity Brokerage

Rafi Securities brings decade of stock brokerage experience to its clients. As an active member of the Pakistan Stock Exchange, Rafi Securities offers equities brokerage services to institutional and retail investors.

Financial Advisory

Rafi Securities provides assistance to Instituion and Individual faced with opportunities for growth opportunities.

Online Trading Facility

Rafi Securities offers its customers the opportunity to build and personally manage their own investment portfolio by trading Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) listed stocks through an internet-based trading application.


One thing that has not changed is our commitment to our high ethical standards -- a commitment that has long been an important part of company. Preserving these standards has never been more important than in today's competitive and rapidly changing business climate.
The company offers a comprehensive range of services to its clients and investors. The company provides integrated services including equity sales, research, wide-ranging corporate finance services and advisory, buying and selling securities. Professional staff is highly specialized in their respective departments. The company is located in the business hub of Karachi and strength of employees is around forty

List of Services

  • Equity Brokerage
  • Financial Analysis
  • Portfolio Management
  • Technical Analysis
  • Online Trading System
  • Web Based Confirmation Of All Transactions
  • Highest Franchise Network

Institutional Clients Portfolio

  • National Investment Trust Limited
  • Arif Habib Investment Management Limited
  • The Bank of Khyber
  • Technical Analysis
  • PICIC Limited
  • Saudi Pak Industrial and Agricultural Investment Company (Pvt) Limited
  • National Fullerton Asset Management Limited
  • Prudential Capital Management Limited
  • NIT State Enterprises
  • UDL Modaraba Management Company Limited
  • Pak Oman Asset Management Company Limited
  • Pair Investment Company Limited
  • Rafi Securities (Pvt) Ltd brings together the investor and the investment opportunity.


  • Equity Brokerage
  • Updated information from Research Department
  • Daily technical analysis of market and scripts
  • Expected behavior and trend analysis of market
  • Analysis of financial statements
  • Personalize attention
  • Competitive commission charges

Corporate Governance

Rafi Securities (Pvt) Ltd is committed to promoting integrity and maintaining the highest standard of business conduct in all of its activities. Our business success is dependent on trusting relationships, which are built on this foundation of integrity. This Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the "Code") covers a wide range of business practices and procedures. It does not cover every issue that may arise, but it sets out basic principles to guide all employees, officers and directors of the Company. All of the Company's books, records, accounts and financial statements are maintained accordingly and as per law

Financial Integrity

Rafi Securities (Pvt) Ltd is committed to providing clients with the highest level of financial integrity. It is prerequisite in stock market to maintain securities and shares of the clients, which are segregated from broker’s own. Compliance is strictly enforced. In addition to audits and regulator authority possess the power to take such immediate action as considered necessary to protect the securities and shares of clients.


  • Company Ordinance 1984
  • Securities And Exchange Commission Of Pakistan Act 1997
  • Brokers And Agent Registration Rules, 2001
  • Securities Exchange Ordinance, 1969
  • Securities Exchange Rules 1971
  • Rules and Regulations of Pakistan Stock Exchange (Formerly Karachi Stock Exchange)
  • Central Depositories Act, 1997

We are observing high standards of market conduct, and also comply with relevant law, code or standard as it applies to the broker. Mr. Muhammad Rehan is working as Compliance Officer of our Company.

Mr.Naeem Rafi (Chief Executive)

Mr. Naeem Rafi has tremendous experience of more than three decades of securities market. He has been working since 1985 as a chief executive of the brokerage house. Under his guidance Rafi Securities (Pvt) Ltd formerly known as Malik Rafi & Co. became a Corporate Member of Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Ltd. and dynamically flourished business of the company through out the country. He played vital role to enhance company reputation by and large. He systematically and in organized way widen company network of not only retail clientage but also financial institutions through out the country. His vast experience of stock market and his valuable contributions were recognized by Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Ltd. He was elected as a member of Board of Directors of Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Ltd for consecutive two years 1996 and 1997. Apart from that he was appointed member of Technology Committee, Floor and Trade Committee, Rules & Regulations Committee, Arbitration Committee, Building Development Committee, Coordinator with other Exchanges and Chairman of Committee coordination with regulators of SECP. He is an active and reformist member of KSE Committee’s and always-remained forefront to bring about constructive changes in Stock market for the improvement of stock business.

Ahmed Faraz (Research Analyst)

Mr. Ahmed Faraz is currently serving at Rafi Securities (Pvt) Limited as a Research Analyst and has been entrusted with the objective of further enhancing and developing our research capabilities. Ahmed Faraz holds an MBA from PAF-KIET and many certificates from the Institute of Financial Markets of Pakistan (IFMP). Mr. Ahmed Faraz has been working with us since 2005 and has efficient capabilities of Technical as well as Fundamental Equity Research and have fundamental role in guiding and advising individual as well as institutional clients regarding their portfolio investments.

Our Offices

Head Office / Registered Office

1004,10th Floor , Al-Rahim Towers I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi Pakistan.

Phone: 92 3 111-159-111

Fax: 92 21 32439631

Email: info@rafionline.com

Branch Office

518 , 5th Floor , Stock Exchange Building , Stock Exchange Road . Off I I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi-74000, Pakistan

Phone: 92 21 32423741-44

Fax: 92 21 32424559

Email: info@rafionline.com

Details Of Registered Agent

Stock Exchange Branch Agent: Mr. Saleem Mansoori – Registration # ARP-054
Address: Room No. 518, 5th Floor, Stock Exchange Building, Stock Exchange Road, Karachi.